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PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2016 8:36 am 
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Minutes of OEDL Board Meeting of December 16, 2015 at Oneals Pub

Present: Sean, Tony, Rob, Billmo, Spoonie, Eddie, TJ, Don, George, Jeff

Meeting called to order @ 8:07 PM

Unanimous approval of revised BOD Minutes from prior meeting.

Officers’ Reports

1.Chairman: None
2. President: None
3. VP: Ed stated that the OEDL hadn’t established a date for its next charity event. The annual charity event has been moved several times due to outside conflicts such as the Pope visiting town. Don and Spoonie will examine the available dates in 2016 for the next OEDL charity fundraiser.
4. Secretary: None.
5. Treasurer: Checking and saving account total: $40,180.17.
6: Recorder: None.
7. League Director: Sean is working on a new and improved method for entering player stats into the YLS database. Sean briefly explained his proposal and will have a more formal proposal for the BOD in the future. The proposed changes would be in time for the Fall 2016 season.
8. Members: None.


1. OEDL/Quaker City Co-host Tournament;

No date has been decided as of yet for this event. Spoonie will follow up with Quaker City and advise to confirm date and location.

2. Ray Fisher Cup Team

Ron Marks has received a check for the amount of $ 180.00.

3. OEDL Players Championship

Greg Rand, Zeke and Lauren met and proposed a new format for the players championship.

The OEDL Players Championship (“OPC”) trophy cost will be covered by the OEDL.

The finalized format is still being considered and will be presented in the near future, with an goal of commencing play in February of 2016. The idea of having the final being held at during the OEDL Spring Banquet was discussed and favorably received.

Zeke will reach out via email with his final proposal.

4. Senior Mr. Philly Shoot

Greg “Spoonie” Rand no new reports on this event. Spoonie will keep us updated.

5. Billmo distributed a report on behalf of the OEDL Seeding committee Fall 2015. Overall the division seedings were competitive and BIllmo will work to ensure the same for Spring 2016. Well done, Billmo.

6. Sean raised concern regarding the mummers weekend at the beach and the banquet. As in past years, the OEDL will take into account the Mummers weekend at the beach when selecting the date of the ODL annual banquet in order to provide an accommodation to its members who are also Mummers.

New Business

Spoonie is following up on YLS advertisers.

Zeke will send email to all the OEDL teams which competed in the Fall in order to find out which teams are coming back and to see if there are any player changes in order to start the 2016 season.

Zeke Tony and Spoonie will be in charge of registration, which will be at oneals pub from 8pm to 10 pm.

We will have a half hour BOD meeting on the January 12th starting at 7:30 pm at Oneals Pub.
January 19th is package pick up at Oneals Pub.
January 26th 2016 is the first week of OEDL Spring 2016 competition.

OEDL Hall of Fame

BOD discussed potential candidates for the HOF who will be available at the Spring Banquet. Mentioned as possibilities were some the league founders. Rob will try and track down some names.

George Jones mentioned that there were some complaints about the lighting at a league sponsor. Sean has received the complaint and has resolved the situation. Nice work Zeke.

Sean had a proposal to grow interest in the league in our local community. It would involve the OEDL providing dart boards to targeted sponsors who do not already have dart boards. This would be done in an effort to create awareness of the sport and encourage participation. Sean’s proposal was well received by the BOD and Sean will fine tune his proposal for further consideration. Well done Zeke.

BOD discussed game formats for the league. Divs 1-2 will use the “A” format; the remaining Divs will use the “B” format except the lowest Div will use the ‘C’ format.

Jeff proposed to stop the use of half outs (2) in singles matches in favor of awarding a full out. Motion failed to carry (2 in favor 7 opposed 1 abstain)

Next meeting at Oneals Pub. 7:30 pm before the Seeding Committee Meeting. 10:22 meeting adjourned

Motion to Adjourn.
The next OEDL BOD Meeting will be held at Oneals Pub December 16, 2015. 8:00pm.

Motion to adjourn meeting was unanimously approved. 9:12 pm.


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