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 Post subject: June 2016 BOD Minutes
PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:05 am 
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Minutes of OEDL Board Meeting of 6.15.16 Oneals Pub

Present: Greg Rand, Mike Aird, TJ, Sean Anela, Bill Moriarity, Ron Pelczar, Anthony Darnell, George Jones, Jeff Baxter, Rob Williamson, Joe Buzzetto, Don Copeland, Jr.

Absent; Edward Drumstas

Social Media Director: Lauren Wakal

Meeting called to order @ 8:20

Unanimous approval of revised BOD Minutes from prior meeting.

Outgoing Chairman of Board Rob Williamson shared some observations from his past 4 years on the OEDL BOD.

Rob then called for Motion to dissolve the BOD from last term and for the new BOD to vote in Officers for the next term.

Below are the Officers for the Fall 2016-Spring 2017 OEDL

Chairman - Jeffrey Baxter
President Greg Rand
Vice President Mike Aird
Recording Secretary Don Copeland Jr.
Treasurer Bill Moriarity
League recorder Bill Moriarity
League Director Sean Anela

Lauren Wakal was appointed as ODEL Social Media Director by the OEDL President.

Officers’ Reports
1.Chairman: Nothing to report
2. President: Nothing to report; Spoonie noted that attendance of BOD members at OEDL BOD meetings is important to properly operating board and league. We as a board must endeavor to be present and participate in BOD meetings and functions.
3. VP: Nothing to report.

4. Secretary: Nothing to report

5. Treasurer: Formal report with be distributed at a later time. There are a few minor collections items. A few refunds to be made. Overall the league is solvent and in good standing.

6. League Director: There are still a few awards to be handed out from past years. Zeke will inventory the awards by team and report back or otherwise distribute said awards.
Also, Zeke asked on behalf of several member OEDL members about the BOD OEDL Banquet and whether the voting process is anonymous. It is mostly anonymous except for a tracking number assigned to each ballot and member name to avoid voter fraud and the number of ballots actually cast.

7. Recorder: Nothing to report.
8. BOD Members: Nothing to report.


1. Some issues post banquet were addressed. This year’s banquet saw a large increase in attendance. 257 OEDL members attended the banquet this year, an almost 27-30 percent increase from last year. Due to the large increase, some OEDL members did not receive a commemorative banquet t-shirt. Discussion was held as to whether it would make sense to make additional t-shirts available to those members who did not get a t-shirt. Zeke will explore the cost and follow up with the BOD.

118 members played in the LOD at the banquet.
There are a few award corrections to be made, including a couple of damaged awards.

Some discussion was held concerning the cost of the banquet and the cost of the banquets in future years. The issue concerns the vendor bid sheet and whether the league will be charged per attendee or whether it is a set fixed cost. The vendor bid sheet will be reviewed to clarify and modify if necessary.

OEDL Committees.

Rules and Regulations. Jeff Baxter was appointed Chairman. Jeff will set a time and date for the committee to convene and review. BOD members who will serve: George, Don, Mike, Joe, Tony.

Seeding Committee: Bill Moriarity was appointed Chairman; Members of the board who will serve on the seeding committee: Sean, Don, Mike, Joe, George, Jeff, Tony.

Hall of Fame; Discussion was held concerning the OEDL Hall of Fame. The OEDL BOD will hold a separate meeting to discuss this matter with the hope of finalizing criteria and nominees.

New Business

The new dates for the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 OEDL seasons are as follows:

OEDL Fall 2016 Schedule

September 6 Fall Registration
September 13 Seeding Committee Meeting
September 20 Team Schedule/package Pick up
September 27 Week 1
October 4 Week 2
October 11 Week 3
October 18 Week 4
October 24 General Membership Meeting
October 25 Week 5
November 1 Week 6
November 8 Division Allstar Tournaments
November 15 Week 7
November 22 Week 8
November 29 Week 9
December 6 Week 10
December 13 Playoff first round
December 20 Playoff Finals

ODEL Spring 2017 Schedule

January 10 Spring Registration
January 17 Seeding Committee Meeting
January 24 Team Schedule/package Pick up
January 31 Week 1
February 7 Week 2
February 14 Week 3
February 21 Week 4
February 27 General Membership Meeting
February 28 Week 5
March 7 Division Allstar Tournaments
March 14 Week 6
March 21 Week 7
March 28 Week 8
April 11 Week 9
April 18 Week 10
April 25 Playoff first round
May 2 Playoff Finals

The 2017 OEDL Banquet will be held on JUNE 4, 2017.

We will undertake to determine the returning teams to the league for registration and seeding purposes.

Sean will put on the agenda the OEDL outreach program of introducing darts and league at new potential sponsors establishments

The next OEDL Board Meeting will be Wednesday July 27 at 8:00 at the Avenuers

Unanimous approval to adjourn at 10:24 pm.


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