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PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:43 pm 
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1. Single round robin single player regular season playing two matches per league night.

2. Best of 9 legs 501 (first to 5) throughout the league (regular season and playoffs game amounts TBD). First to 5 ends the match, all 9 legs do not have to be played.

3. League scoring will be as follows: Match win scores one point
FIRST tie break is point differential, ie; a 5-0 win is scored 1 +5, a 0-5 loss is scored 0 -5.
SECOND tie break is head to head win/loss

4. As this is a single player league ATTENDANCE AND COMMUNICATION are critical to its success. Everyone will have all of the league contact info. I you will be late/cant make a week you must contact SPOONIE AND YOUR OPPONENTS FOR THAT LEAGUE NIGHT. Matches can be pre played. If you are unnable to attend, your matches will be scored as a forfiet- 0-5. The shooter affected will be awarded the win with a score of 1 +1. *****The player who was forfieted to has the sole option of replaying the match. If the player wants to accept the score of 1 +1 that is acceptable to this format.**********************
It is encouraged and recommended to make every opportunity to play all matches. Any make up matches can be played anytime and is requested to play at O'Neals. Dart boards will be up a 6pm weekly so any early play is welcome. Any pre played games score will be reflected on the week it was to be played.

Players may only accept up to 2 forfeits. If you are forfeited to more than 2 weeks without any attempts to make up those matches (or are not willing to agree to make up those matches), your final standings will be placed under review to determine the most accurate top 8.

In the event that you know you will miss a Thursday in advance, matches should be played ahead whenever possible. Members sign up to play 2-3 matches on Thursday nights and the schedule needs to be honored as such. In other words, no "stacking" matches.

5. We will play at 8, 9, and 10 o'clock. time slots per week will be assigned but boards will not. Do not play in an unnassigned time slot. It is unfair to those who are expecting to play there. There will be 3 boards on the second floor and three boards on the third floor. Please respect any movement around those shooting at boards near you.

6. Cork will be scored as 50, 25, and zero. a shooter must hit the bull to win cork. You must pull your dart after throwing cork. winner of cork throws first in legs 1,3,5,7,9. loser throws first legs 2,4,6,8.

7. Week 1 will be June 1 or June 8 - will list weeks when we find out # of shooters. All matches must be played by TBD. There will be no exeptions.

8. Playoff rounds 1&2 TBD. The finals/consolation will be TBD with the consolation match at 8pm and the finals following the conclusion of that match. All playoff matches must be played as scheduled. No postponements.
Round 1 will be based on regular season finish- 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5. Round 2 will be re seeded highest highest remaining seed v lowest remaining seed and the remaining 2 play. We will play for third place in a consolation match.

9. Payout will be - Playoff round 1 losers (5-8) $TBD, 4th place (consolation) $TBD, 3rd place (consolation) $TBD, 2nd place $TBD, 1st place $TBD (This will change when we figure how many shooters)
Payout - $TBD
Shoot well.



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